From 20 to 30 tonnes – Tables from 2000 x 1250 to 3000 x 1500 mm.

  • Turret: 1200 strokes / min in punching and 1800 strokes / min in marking.
  • Travel speeds: 96 m / min for the X axis – 80 m / min for the Y axis – 124 m / min simultaneously.
  • 2000 mm X axis + repositioning at 3000 mm + Y axis repositioning from 1250 to 1500 mm. Loading / unloading system.


  • 840 DSL digital control.
  • Ball or brush table, automatic gripper system.
  • Turret movements managed by Hartmann Lammle hydraulic system combined with Siemens servo motors: accuracy of ± 0.1 mm and ± 0.5 mm in repetition.
  • Automatic repositioning. 3 auto index stations.
  • Tool change in less than 3 seconds for full movement of the turret and in 0.6 seconds for a single tool.
  • Evacuation of the sheets: small parts (400 x 600 mm) can be evacuated directly.

NEW: 100% electric version.

TP Punch Press, offers significantly faster punching speeds than mechanical turrets. The punching head stroke rates of 1200 strokes per minute during punching and 3200 per minute during marking. Also can be forming at punching speed. The machine control adjusts stroke travel speed and position.

Simplifies setup of progressive forms, flanges, and embossments. With roller technology are possible not only on straight geometries but also on curved and round areas. This method is of particular interest for sectors such as air conditioning technology.

TP Series Turret Punch Press today, tomorrow and forever with you.