Double column bandsaws with straight cut for high production and industry application. XT6 is part of the XT Series range which brings the most advanced technology for sawwing to the professional user.

  • The machine has an integrated feeder on the roller table with opening vices on both sides for a better positioning and a perfect cut even on non straight bars.
  • The machine has an automatic cutting parameters system with more than 150 presetted materials to start easily the cutting process: the machine automatically calculate the blade and material thickness to set the cutting speed and material penetration.
  • The entire cutting process, all the machine settings can be managed from the 10” touch sceeen display with simple and intuitive interface.
  • Cutting capacity at 90 °: Round and square 460 mm.
  • A device for checking the accuracy/ squareness of the cut, with automatic adjustment or stopping of the sawframe descent speed in the event of blade deviation.
  • Operator safety was one of the main topics during the developing process. All the machine parts are protected by carters without affecting the possibility of full access for maintenance.
    *The modem for Industry 4.0, teleservice and remote control is supplied as an optional
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Area angular cut ° 90
Cutting capacity at 90°: round / square: mm. 560 / 560
Cutting capacity at 90°: rectangular with cutting bandle mm. 560 x 550
Blade dimensions mm. 7320 x 54 x 1.6
Inclination of the Blade ° 0
Blade Motor Power KW 7.5
Run of feeder carriage (repeatable) mm. 500
Feeder motor power KW 1.5
Scrap end mm. 20
Blade speed mt/min. 15÷150
Motor Hydraulic Unit KW 5.5
Capacity Tank of Hydraulic Unit Lt 60
Capacity Coolant Tank Lt 190
Dimensions ( B x L x H ) mm. 3600 x 1900 x 2500
Height of the Working-table mm. 870
Weight Kg 5300
Minimum cuttable length mm. 6
Type of Functioning semiautomatic/automatic CNC
Suitable for Cutting Steel / cast iron / high-strength steels / alloys